Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Future of Journalism

Creating news sites is a complicated thing because there is so many different ways to do it. So many things have already been done, from print news to social media and apps. I think people don't care as much about news as they used to. There are so many other things to consume peoples time now that if something is not affecting them they may not pay attention to it. People are getting news from social media which is not always true. Reading just one tweet can give you the wrong idea about a breaking story, depending on who wrote it. The hard part about coming up with a new news system that can last is getting people to care more about your site than any other news site. Coming up with a quick and simple way to get news out to people I think is the most effective.

For the future of journalism project my group did a kiosk with an app. The app is something you could buy on your phone and it would give you the news you want to read in a simple way. We were thinking the kiosks could be like in malls, local stores, schools, gas pumps and other populated places for an easy way for people to get the news. You could read all sorts of news on the kiosk, or take a picture with your phone of the bar code so you could continue reading in the app. It can also tell you what the weather is like where you live.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

What is Truth

Most people would define truth as a real thing, something that can be proven. After discussions in class it is hard to determine what exactly truth is. I think everyone sees the truth in different ways. We all have our own perspective on what the truth means to us. We can alter the truth to best fit our personal situations. I think it is hard to report the truth in journalism because of the fear of being untruthful. Even if writing something seems true to you, like if you've actually witnessed what you're writing about, other people may have seen it in a different way. Especially now with the advancement in technology news is spread faster with more room for misinterpretations. With less and less people relying on print newspaper and television the meaning of truth in journalism has changed. People are focusing less on the details and more on the big picture, which can be altered for each individual person.